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Magnetic face bearing isolator for gearbox applications.

Isomag MP V6S-XL

Works in multiple lubrication environments:

Oil Splash

Oil Flooded

Oil Mist


Ideal for:

Gear Reducers

Cooling towers




Isomag Bearing Isolator installed into a gearbox
The MP V6S-XL bearing isolator is the result of our dedicated mission to increase bearing life.

It solves the problem of lubricant loss and bearing

contamination while meeting your maintenance cycle

life expectations; the MP V6S-XL is optimized for flooded

applications and high viscosity lubricants.

This technological breakthrough makes the MP V6S-XL the most versatile bearing isolator available. Isomag's primary sealing surface rotates with the shaft, and does

not damage shaft surfaces! The MP V6S-XL creates a positive, bi-directional seal with or without shaft rotation, on horizontal or vertical applications. Bolted flange designs are per customer specification. It can be used in thousands of applications from 3/4" to 20" shaft sizes. Our compact design interchanges with common labyrinth isolators.

Retain and circulate bearing oil with the Isomag MP V6S-XL:
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