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Isomag Corporation Teams up with PumpWorks to Advance ANSI Power Frames

IsoMag Corporation and Pumpworks Teamed Up to Produce an Innovative ANSI Power Frame that Provides Unsurpassed Bearing Life

Baton Rouge/Houston – Mar. 19, 2018 – IsoMag, a top industry manufacturer of bearing isolators has partnered with DXPE/PumpWorks becoming the first competitively priced ANSI pump to standardize on IsoMag oil seals. Before now IsoMag bearing seals have been utilized as an aftermarket premium upgrade.

About PumpWorks

Headquartered in Houston, Texas USA, PumpWorks knows what it takes to build a quality pump! With our experience as a leader in providing high quality, short lead time, made in USA API 610 pumps, we now bring our customers a superior ANSI pump line engineered, manufactured and tested in the USA. What other manufacturers offer as options, PumpWorks provides as “standard” features such as Carbon Steel wet ends, Carbon Steel Bearing Housings, 316SS shafting, flinger disc splash lubrication, and liquid tight IsoMag bearing seals. Our pumps meet and exceed all B73.1-2012 requirements. Regardless of your pump applications, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Mining & Mineral, Food & Beverage, Water & Wastewater, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical or Oil & Gas, the PumpWorks ANSI and Industrial pump product line is capable of handling virtually any fluid processing application within its range.

About IsoMag

IsoMag Corporation, founded in 1994, was established in response to the global need for an improved rotating equipment lubrication seal in both static and dynamic applications. Since that time, IsoMag has been committed to researching, understanding, and perfecting bearing isolators utilizing magnetic energy. The result is a liquid tight long lasting bearing seal for splash lube, submerged/bath lube, oil mist, and grease. Isomags are utilized in industry process pumps as well as critical, payload applications throughout the world. Our innovative approach to flat face sealing uses the unique closing force of magnetic energy to offer a true state-of-the-art solution to global industrial markets. Isomag is dedicated to continually developing magnetic bearing protectors that meet API and ANSI equipment standards, as well as the ever-changing environments of centrifugal machines in a wide range of industries.


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