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Anheuser Busch Chooses Isomag Magnetic Face Isolators On Pumps

KSB Etabloc pumps are found on oil refineries, drilling platforms, and chemical plants, often involved in tanker unloading/loading, tank farm transfer, or any application requiring high flow. Most companies run them to failure, which often times is an impressive 10+ year run before a repair is needed. Anheuser Busch, in Fort Collins, Colorado, needed to stop their KSB pumps from leaking. The weakness was the lip seals that are installed. They wear out in about 6-8 months on continuous use. On top of that, the lip seal wears a grove into the shaft, making it necessary to either refurbish the shaft or get a new one when it's time to repair. Regular labyrinth isolators don't scar the shaft but perform poorly in forced lube systems or flooded environments.

KSB Etabloc Pump

Isomag bearing isolators are the best of both worlds! Isomag magnetic face bearing isolators are a positive seal that wont damage the shafts of your pump, and work in horizontal or vertical up or down positions. Isomag bearing isolators also work perfectly in grease lubrication environments. Our customer, Anheuser Busch, installed Isomag bearing isolators in early 2011, and could not be more thrilled with the performance of the bearing protectors.

A brochure for Isomag bearing isolators for pumps can be found here. Also as a reminder, Isomag bearing isolators can be custom made to fit your machine. Contact our customer service team and we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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