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Cornell Pump 2.5 DA-1 Cools Off With Isomag Bearing Isolators

In 2014, Moores Pump and Services approaches Isomag with a very unique application. The Cornell 2.5 DA-1 cavitation pump, was a pump used on the Gulf Coast oil platforms to pump air and water into the ground. The pump was unique due to its need to seal the bearing housing and a barrier fluid on the discharge end.

Cornell Pump 2.5 DA-1

Cornell 2.5 DA-1 Pump
Cornell Pump 2.5 DA-1

The Cornell was initially equipped with labyrinth isolators on the bearing housing and a lip seal on the discharge end holding the barrier fluid. Isomag was initially brought in to seal the barrier fluid only so the pump could lose the reservoir tank. However, Moores Pump decided to go with Isomag bearing isolators on the bearing housing as well. After running on the test rig, it was discovered the pump ran 30°F cooler (120° F) at the bearing housing. The combination of the Isomags equipped at both ends of the pump has been a smashing success. Now all Cornell pumps are being retrofitted with Isomag bearing isolators every time they come in for repair.

For more information on this magnetic, in-contact bearing isolator and how it can extend the life of your equipment, contact the Isomag team


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