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Isomag Bearing Isolators Seal Lewis Pumps Worldwide

The Lewis Pump is internationally known in the sulphur, sulphuric acid, and phosphoric acid industries. This vertical pump is designed to and does a fantastic job of handling these hazardous products. This pump is typically found at chemical plants and oil refineries worldwide. Our customer, Ascend Performance Materials in Foley, Alabama, was in need of a better solution for these vertical pumps. Isomag bearing isolators proved to be the perfect solution for this harsh flooded environment.

Lewis Pump

What are the features of Isomag bearing isolators and why are they so beneficial to your Lewis Pump?

The benefits of an Isomag bearing isolator are:

  • Magnetic Closing Force – “Magnetic energy is used to create a closing force keeping the seal faces in positive contact.”

  • Seals in all positions: horizontal, vertical, angled, rock and roll

  • Seals in all types of bearing lubrication: splash, flooded, forced, oil mist

  • Seals during stand-by

  • Enables use of closed-loop oil mist systems

  • Easily installed by hand

  • Removable without damage to the isolator or equipment

  • Face seal that rotates with the shaft

Your Lewis Pump will benefit from Isomag bearing isolators by providing a positive seal that prevents leakage, protects against the ingress of internal contamination, and provides years of reliable service. As the pioneers in the magnetic bearing isolator market, Isomag continues to bring innovation and technology in an effort to extend rotating equipment life.

For more information on this magnetic, in-contact bearing isolator and how it can extend the life of your equipment, contact the Isomag team

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