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Isomag Magnetic Seals Protect Stainless Motors During Washdown

Stainless Motors, Inc. designed an innovative and completely sanitary, wash-down tolerant electric motor manufactured entirely of Stainless Steel materials of construction. Typical lip seals for bearing protection wore out quickly and allowed water ingress to contaminate the bearings limiting the life of the electric motors. After replacing the lip seals with the Isomag V8 series magnetic bearing seals, the life cycle of the electric motors increased to meet OEM and End User maintenance reliability expectations. Unlike lip seals, Isomag magnetic bearing isolators are designed to last 20+ years and do not damage your host equipment. Isomag magnetic bearing seals prevent the ingress of water during daily heavy wash-down operations. Isomag magnetic bearing isolators have been specified by Stainless Motors, Inc. for 15 years; utilizing over 14,000 units since 2005.

Application Summary:

Problem solved: water contamination Solution: Isomag Magnum D

due to heavy wash-down Units sold: 14,000+

Previous bearing protection: Year Installed: 2005

Lip seals

Statement from OEM:

Stainless Motors, Inc. is the only manufacturer in the world of stainless explosion proof wash-down duty electric motors; and we only use Isomag magnetic bearing seals in them”.

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