Isomag Bearing Isolators Seal PumpWorks VSP API Pump

July 31, 2018

The PumpWorks VSP is an economical medium duty short set sump pump accommodating up to seven feet sump depth for clean, non-abrasive fluids and can fit round, square, or oval pit cover plates. The Pumpworks VSP is an API 610 compliant pump, with a great reputation of durability and reliability and is found worldwide in chemical plants, pipelines, and refineries.


Usually the VSP line is equipped with a labyrinth from the OEM.  Which has commonly been found to have an oil leakage issue. Many customers have tried other style labyrinths which typically fair better on the leaks. However since most of these pumps are in oil bath or oil mist lubrication environments, positive sealing is needed for extended maintenance cycles. Isomag bearing isolators are a positive seal and will hold oil in, and keep the external contaminates out of the bearing housing. 


As a reminder, Isomag bearing isolators can be custom made to fit your machine. Contact our customer service team and we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs.  

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