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Magnetic face bearing isolator for steam turbine applications.

Isomag MP V9-UL
Isomag Bearing Isolator installed in Steam Turbine
The MP V9-UL bearing isolator is the result of our dedicated mission to increase bearing life.

Isomag utilizes constant magnetic energy in collaboration with lightly loaded lapped sealing faces. Solving problems of lubricant loss and bearing contamination using face seals at higher shaft velocities previously thought unreliable, are now possible.

The Isomag V9-UL will keep the condensate out of your turbine's oil, during stand by, slow roll, design run speed, or trip speed while meeting your expectations for required maintenance cycle life.

Optimized to protect against steam ingress!

This technological breakthrough makes the MP V9-UL the most versatile bearing isolator available. Isomag's primary sealing surface rotates with the shaft, and does not damage shaft surfaces! The MP V9-UL creates a positive, bi-directional seal with or without shaft rotation, on horizontal or vertical applications. Custom configurations available for your turbine. It can be used in thousands of applications from 3/4" to 20" shaft sizes. Our compact design interchanges dimensionally with common OEM and aftermarket labyrinths.

Retain and circulate bearing oil with the MP V9-UL:
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