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The culmination of 20 years designing magnetic face bearing isolator for bearing protection. 

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A collection of industries we serve. 



Isomag Corporation, founded in 1994, was established in response to the global need for an improved rotating equipment lubrication seal in both static and dynamic applications. Since that time, Isomag has been committed to researching, understanding, and perfecting bearing isolators utilizing magnetic energy. The result is a positive sealing  bearing protector in liquid lube, oil mist, or grease. Isomags are used in critical, payload applications throughout the world. Our innovative approach to flat face sealing uses the unique closing force of magnetic energy to offer a true state-of-the-art solution to global industrial markets. Isomag is dedicated to continually developing magnetic bearing protectors that meet API and ANSI equipment standards, as well as the ever-changing environments of centrifugal machines in a wide range of industries. 


Magnetically energized flat faces create a positive, liquid-tight seal.


  • Prevent lubricant leakage

  • Prevent the ingress of outside contaminants into host equipment bearing housing in dynamic and standby conditions


Cartridge bearing isolator assembly:

  • "Easy Fit" install/removal

  • Reusable and field-repairable

  • O-ring fit (not metal-to-metal)

  • Unaffected by axial shaft movement


Proven reliable bearing isolator set, cycle life over 75,000 hours in:

  • Bath oil

  • Splash oil 

  • Flooded

  • Submerged

  • Oil mist

  • Vertical and horizontal bearing isolator sets

Zero wear to host equipment (i.e. shafts)

Seals reliably at high shaft speeds (up to 15,000 sfpm)

Deep channel oil groove retains and circulates bearing lubrication

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Isomag magnetic bearing isolators use superior face seal technology to protect the bearings on thousands of centrifugal machinery applications around the world from types including but not limited to the following:







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